As an employer, you can be assured that your employees, who are Members of the IUEC, are being trained and certified through CEIEP’s core apprenticeship program and have access to compulsory and elective continuing education programs, which create value for your organization and your employees. At CEIEP, we understand what the training costs can be, and we take our responsibility seriously when educating the next generations of Elevator Mechanics that will help with costs and productivity when it comes to employee training, so you may direct your efforts to other parts of your business. You can be confident that your workforce is being trained and certified by Canada’s premier Elevator Mechanic educational program, as recognized in all provinces that have either or both apprenticeship programs and licensing requirements.

Please see the list of signatory employers who benefit from the CEIEP program below.

Should you be an employer who wishes to have access to CEIEP’s apprenticeship and continuing education programs for your employees, please contact an IUEC Local in your region here or the IUEC organizers in your region here.