What we do

CEIEP delivers both an apprenticeship program for aspiring Elevator Constructor Apprentices and a continuing education program for Mechanics who want to complement their skill set to help create value for themselves and their employers.

Once an apprentice has become a Member of the IUEC, they will enroll into the CEIEP apprenticeship program. One of the major advantages of being a CEIEP apprentice is that you earn while you learn, in one of our many training facilities throughout Canada. No need to leave your job and displace yourself, sometimes away from your family like other trade apprenticeship programs, for multiple weeks of education.

The CEIEP apprenticeship program is made up of four yearly levels, 25 modules for a total of 775 in-class education hours, which exceeds any provincial standard. The successful completion of the program ends with the requirement of successfully challenging the CEIEP Mechanics exam.

Our instructors are trained and certified elevator Mechanics who make use of both theoretical and experiential learning methods. CEIEP uses state of the art labs such as simulation and new virtual reality labs. These valuable tools enable apprentices to experience on-the-job scenarios without real-life consequences.

Completion of our program and logging the prescribed on-the-job training hours, enables Apprentices to complete their provincial apprenticeships and challenge licensing exams in those provinces where a license is required to perform work on an elevating device.