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May 1st Update

Friday May 1, 2020

As CEIEP continues to follow the directives of our public health officials and the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), our top priority remains the health and safety of our students, instructors and team members. We remain committed to serve the Apprentices needs as best we can during these rapidly evolving times, while maintaining our high standards of academic integrity.


Here is our latest update:


We are developing a plan that will see a return to classroom delivery including direct proctoring of Module Final and Year-end final exams. Different provincial regulations will determine the resumption date of classroom delivery. Our education continuation plan (ECP) is guided by two principles of maintaining academic integrity and providing a healthy & safe learning environment, including physical distancing and strong mitigation procedures. Here are some of the broad strokes of the plan;


  • The CEIEP office in Pickering, will only re-open once the Province of Ontario’s public health officials allow businesses to re-open while maintaining physical distancing, PPE and clean and sanitizing procedures.
  • Whether it’s one month or six months from now, students can be reassured that they will resume and complete the current school year.
  • No start until four conditions are met; no classes before June 1st/Provincial regulations allow/procurement of PPE/LAC’s allow access to their classes. Ontario and Alberta may also include Apprenticeship guidelines.
  • Provide LAC’s, students and instructors a new health & safety policy that include strong mitigation, PPE and desk space/laptop cleaning procedures.
  • We will work in conjunction with the LAC’s next week to discuss classroom capacity with regards to; maintaining physical distancing and scheduling classes with higher student counts.
  • Procure and provide PPE to all LAC’s, students and instructors; masks/shields, gloves, soap/sanitizer, wipes…
  • Staggered start dates across the different Provinces/LAC’s.
  • No labs or elective CE classes. The only lab allowed will be Module 16 (Simutech) for year 3 students.
  • In order that we support, reassure and answer questions, we will have conference call with the instructors of a specific LAC prior to resuming their classes.


Shutting classes down will prove to be much less complicated than resuming them. We will need the cooperation of all those involved, to meet the new challenges of providing high level education in a safe and healthy manner during these times. We also understand that the ECP will have more questions than answers. Finally, we realize that some students/instructors may find our procedures as inconvenient or objectionable, however, out of an abundance of caution, we will add to the minimum requirements of the different Provinces, in order to prioritize the health and Safety of Students and Instructors.

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