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CEIEP Latest Response to COVID-19 (April 9th)

Thursday April 9, 2020

As CEIEP continues to follow the directives of our public health officials and the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), our top priority remains the health and safety of our students, instructors and team members. We remain committed to serve the Apprentices needs as best we can during these rapidly evolving times, while maintaining our high standards of academic integrity.

Here’s our latest update;

  • We continue to update our LAC’s weekly
  • We also continue to develop our education continuation plan to resume classes while ensuring both the health and safety of students/instructors, and the academic integrity of the program.
  • Apprentices are encouraged to access the Module PowerPoints via the CEIEP On Line Resource Center (OLRC)
  • The TSSA will accept monthly submissions from CEIEP for those Members whose License expires during the COVID-19 pandemic and cannot attend an Ontario CE course. However, Members need to pay the renewal fee prior to their expiration date. We have asked the LAC’s to provide a list of those individuals who expire after March 16th and cannot attend an Ontario CE.
  • Trustees continue to receive weekly updates and provide oversight
  • We will be sending all instructors a Memo updating them on the Program’s operations since March 12th.
  • We continue to send the TSSA, a monthly list of those Members who have already attended a CE course.

We understand a lot of apprentices have questions regarding their current school year. CEIEP has every intention of completing the current year in a safe and healthy manner. We will inform the LAC’s, Instructors and apprentices on any further developments.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

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